Thinking Of Donating To NSPCC? Think Twice!

Mercurial manifestations at an organisation still registered with the charities commissioners.


The famous UK children’s charity NSPCC was once a body of high repute, but in the last few days it’s reputation can only be likened to a fever victim’s temperature.

Belatedly realising what an unacceptable person the trans-freak ‘Munroe Bergdorf’ is….

Wikipedia notes the freak’s  ‘comments’ e.g  the claim that all white people were guilty of “racial violence” and that the white race was “the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth.” Even Facebook felt obliged to distance itself from her hate.

Interestingly, that ghastly old bigot, Yasmin Alibhi-Brown, whose own hateful shrilling we’ve exposed from time to time.

..Gambar terkait

…is named in Wikipedia as one of the freak’s protagonists. Bergholt, after a brief stint as a Labour ‘LGBT adviser,’ got to be an ‘ambassador’ on Childline…


…NSPCC dumped the freak, not, said the NSPCC, because it was a trans-freak but for other reasons.


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Perfect role model? – ‘Labour Party adviser on LGBT+ issues faces calls to resign after branding a Twitter follower a “hairy barren lesbian” and saying she wants to “gay bash” a TV star.’ 


Good move to chuck The Thing?

‘Twould be nice to praise the move as better late than never, but all of a sudden more than a hundred and fifty NSPCC employees rose up in anger, their pink knickers in a twist because the manner of the dismissal might have hurt the freak’s feelings!

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Did management slap ‘em down? It’s hardly for uppity employees, left or not, to boss the boss, after all!

No way!

The NSPCC CEO, Peter Wanliss, a man clearly endowed with a backbone similar to that of a jelly-fish, went straight into grovel mode, not, thank God, reinstating the freak, but issuing mealy-mouthed apologies in case the step taken had bruised the freak’s ego.

Trans-freaks should not be allowed anywhere near children. This one, in particular, is an unfit role-model. NB – The Safe Schools Alliance account said Bergdorf had invited children to get in touch with her directly on social media and was “supportive of children dressing as ‘drag queens’”

If NSPCC fails to fire its pro-freak personnel, a serious moral objection must arise for anyone deliberating on  any donation. Indeed, I understand the ‘charity’ is still sporting a ‘gay pride’ motif on its logo – they need to clean up their act – fast!