‘EXCLUSION ZONE?’ Not In Icy South Atlantic But In ‘Gay’ West Midlands!

The term ‘Exclusion Zone’ has hitherto evoked memories of the Falklands War, when there was an aggressive violation of British rights in 1982..


…but in June 2019?

British rights are once more being assailed, not by an Argentine junta, but by teachers’ unions promoting the gaystapo agenda- and the victims are little kids in the English Midlands, and parents who have the guts to take a stand for decency.!

Live updates: Anderton School LGBT protest High Court hearing – new exclusion zone imposed https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/live-updates-anderton-school-lgbt-16404743

NB – I acknowledge that most of the brave parents concerned are Muslim but as the following Guardian story admits, there are non-Muslims too.  https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/may/31/high-court-bans-birmingham-school-protests-against-lgbt-lessons

Monstrously, the gaystapo-fan establishment has now resorted to using the courts to smash resistance to their evil agenda.


evil judge


The above link tells more about that, and also reports a judicial crack-down on social media support for protests by pro-decency parents in the UK’s West Midlands…



The hell with that!


It seems a wee bit late –  but still timely –  to pick apart a sycophantic ‘interview’ by a Guardian Gargoyle  with a brazenly biased head teacher, a simpering pinko, named Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, who gets it all started by bursting into convenient tears!

If it were an interview  with Adolf by a Nazi hack employed with the Voelkischer Beobachter  in 1939: it couldn’t be more uncritically obsequious.


Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, headteacher at Anderton Park school.

Simpering pinko Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson,

It is tempting also to direct condemnation at another character, a queer who headed up the local pervert parade  – he’s the assistant head at one of the schools involved.

His antics – showing his militant commitment to the brain-wash cause – should have got him fired.


But instead let’s turn the spotlight on Hewitt-Clarkson, the  lachrymose leftist head, portrayed as an impartial educator, a lousy lie shot down by her own quoted words, about the pro-queer indoctrination law.

It’s a good law!’ 


As the best Tory leadership candidate ( now regrettably eliminated from that contest) Esther McVey, said the other day, parents should NOT have their right to teach their little ones about moral values usurped by the state.

It’s a BAD law, devised and imposed by bad people, politicians and bureaucrats – and teachers – estranged from the country’s traditional values, which most normal working folk still cherish.

But back to the blubbering bint!

Drying her eyes between bouts of crying, she exposes the fakery of the so-called ‘consultations’ called for by the May government, which deny parents any right to safeguard their children from brain-washing.

Oh, The Weeper will listen to parents, she says, but then she’ll no doubt make the situation crystal clear.



She’ll do whatever she thinks will make the kids think differently from their parents, twisting a generation into the sick belief that ‘marriage’ between sexually maladjusted men is deserving of respect, and not only respect, but respect on the same level as the respect accorded to husbands and wives in a real marriage.

Another Update?

Now the West Midlands Mayor, a self-confessed queer, has played the next hand in the game of escalating authoritarianism-

“You look at what’s being said and it’s really upsetting but it is actually ultimately homophobic and it is illegal and it has to stop now.” Birmingham LGBT row: ‘Homophobic protests must stop’

Mayor Andy Street’s rant is the authentic voice of the gaystapo – ban free speech, because it’s “upsetting” degenerates and leftists.




Deplorable, that what should be the party in the vanguard in the fight against cultural marxism has sunk to such a level of intolerance.

But party lines mean little these days…


Roger Godsiff

Roger Godsiff MP


…to his credit, Roger Godsiff, Labour MP for Hall Green, which covers Anderton Park, will be spoken to by the Labour Party’s chief whip after he told protesters “you’re right”.

There’s a brave man whose days are numbered, at least in the party he’s in just now. We know that organised pinko homos – aka ‘The LGBT Labour Group’ -want him to lose the Labour whip.

Might he be a possible recruit for a new party?


Meanwhile, the injunction has been re-issued and made more comprehensive. 


What was it Churchill said?

“For it is evil things that we shall be fighting against…” 

He could never have guessed how his prophesy would come to pass!