Islamist Fanatics Have It Easy In Merkel’s Germany!

A pack of Islamist wannabes walked free from a German court last month.

They were caught strutting about in Wuppertal, the arrogant bigots trying to bully decent Muslims into submission to shariah diktats.

Not only gambling and pornography, but even MUSIC was on their backward no-no list..


Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


…which reminded me of the same sort of killjoy carry-on we have seen this month in East Java, where Blitar city has also banned live music performances and the sale of liquor in cafes, hotels and other entertainment spots…

….but even that’s not as gloom-stricken as the sort of misery-guts misanthropism that continues all year round…



Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 


….in the benighted Indonesian Province of Aceh.

But let’s stick with the German scandal.


The brutes got off at a heàring in November two years ago, but thanks be, there’s a little more sense of responsibility further up the judicial ladder.

The numbskull acquittal was thrown out by Germany’s constitutional court –  the district court had not examined the impact of the vigilantes’ actions on the public.

Yet at the re-trial, where the bigots were convicted, all they got were fines!




No jail time for primitives who attempted an action-replay of the storm-troop era.

People who like shariah should be told to go live in countries where they can freely enjoy it – although ‘free enjoyment of sharia’  is surely an oxymoronic phrase.

Had the swine at least stood up in court and repudiated shariah, yes, perhaps an element of leniency might have been in order, but there  was no remorse reported – nor likely, given the depths of fanaticism that Salafism requires,

Which brings me to the next revelation in the DW reoort.

At the time of the “Shariah police” patrol, the men were led by Sven Lau, one of Germany’s most renowned Salafi preachers. He was himself sentenced in 2017 to a 5 1/2 year prison sentence after being convicted of “supporting a terrorist organization” in a separate case.

Sure enough, that apostate cur was uncaged this month too.

The judges seemed to think that Lousy Lau was no longer a menace to society, but again…

…there are no quotes or any other indication that he has disowned even the most offensive parts of shariah.

Had he denounced, urged all his fellow-fanatics to denounce, evil ideas, like harming converts, for example…




…or forcing women into burkas…


…then yes, such a service to the community, such a declaration of adherence to civilised values,  then an early release might, just might  – though for terror-linked offences, not really – have been worth contemplating.

In the absence of an acceptable embrace of respectable beliefs, Lau, and every other Salafist, should be subject to indefinite internment.


Pending deportation – with no right of appeal!