Syrian ‘Hero’ Soccer Singer’s Hits? 'WTC Down' and 'ISIS Works For God!'

Shocking to see Enemy Media headlines lionising a notorious sectarian Syrian, Abdelbaset Sarout, who was on record as saying ISIS was ‘doing the work of God.’


Homs: Sharia court to sue al-Sarout over fighting with ISIS

Syrian Soccer Star, Symbol of Revolt, Dies After Battle
The New York TimesJun 8, 2019

NYT has seemingly air-brushed the extremist’s jihadist ranting, but then no more so than the Guardian.


How many of you had even heard of the ‘star?’

BUT…more importantly, how many knew of his assertion on the ‘Work of God’ being done by the rape-gang in Mosul?

How many heard his lovely song about destroying the World Trade Centre, and/or another jolly hit on driving out or wiping out non-Sunni Muslims like the Alawites and Shi’ites.

Thanks be, I had tuned briefly into RT on Sunday arvo…

From terrorist to ‘songbird’: Syrian goalie eulogized by Western media …

Embedded video


Video shows Abdel Baset Sarout leading a chorus of terrorists singing a famous Al-Qaeda song which boasts about destroying the WTC and turning it into a pile of rubble on 9/11 and praises Osama Bin Laden. This is the same man who is being hailed as a hero by Western Media.

…. otherwise I too would not have seen the documented evidence of the late fanatic’s hateful howling.