‘Romanian?’ Bull-Sh-t! Don’t Let ‘Em Mislead You!

Impossible not to follow up the Goerlitz saga, after the Guardian ( and other media) declared that the winning Merkel party candidate Octavian Ursu, is a ‘Romanian immigrant.’

That’s like saying the Begum Bitch is British, a mangling of meaning…



…which is not meant to bad-mouth Herr Ursu, who I’m sure is a decent man who despises Islamist terrorists, but to underline how legalistic technicalities have overtaken national identity in much of the discussion about almost everything.

Begum, like many scumbags brought up, or even born, in Western countries, were legally entitled to British, or Belgian, or German or French passports.


They used them to put into effect their true allegiance, to an alien ‘caliphate’ run by jihadi rapists.

In the eyes of any rational observer, they thus forfeited their claim to be British, Belgian, French or German.


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Politicians in those countries who welcome them back are as much moral voids as the ISIS vermin are.

Octavian Ursu, in contrast, was born in Bucharest, but like all the Germans in Romania, recognised by German governments of all parties as Auslandsdeutsche (“Germans abroad”) he had a right to German citizenship – Germans had lived in what is now Romania before that country existed, in fact for not far off 800 years.

Clearly Identified as German, Ursu left for his true homeland as soon as he sensibly could, in 1990…

….after the evil marxist regime was overthrown.

To call him a “Romanian immigrant” – as the Guardian does –    – is a vacuous journo-jerk effort to score points against the AFD, which is admirably against barbarous migrants from alien cultures…

…but certainly NOT against letting Germans Abroad come home to Germany.

Meanwhile, Merkel’s heiress-apparent, Kramp-Karrenbauer, has finally, after intense wriggling, owned up to her party’s collaboration with the far left to hold off the AFD surge.

Octavian Ursu’s victory is the victory of a broad alliance for which I am grateful.”



No laughing matter, really, a so-called ‘christian democrat’ grovelling to left extremists,but hard not to smile at the Green Party’s jibe which forced the CDU collabos to come clean.

Before you get round to thanking the leftwing parties for enabling this victory, there’ll probably be no more ice left in Greenland, will there?”  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/17/german-afd-far-right-loses-bid-mayor-goerlitz-after-film-industry-petition


Yet the ice remains in Greenland…

…and the toxin of collaboration in the blood-stream of the Germanbody politic.