CDU Deja Vu – Remember The Reichstag Fire?

We have noticed a Merkel flunkey named Peter Tauber before, when we actually praised him, likening the then SecGen of the Christian Democratic Union to a true German hero.

Peter Tauber – Modern Germany’s Stauffenberg? 

—————–CDU-Generalsekretär Peter Tauber. Quelle: dpa

 Peter Tauber


 Tauber had us fooled, and there’s no shame in admitting it. 

Now, alas, he’s shown his true totalitarian colours, obliging us once more to look back at the Hitler era, when the Nazis used one individual’s crime, or alleged crime, to crack down on political opposition.

The Reichstag Fire?


The term “Reichstag fire” has come to refer to false flag actions facilitated by an authority to promote their own interests through popular approval of retribution or retraction of civil rights.

Check it out!

Tauber has totally lost it, not just echoing the latest smear-shrieks from other CDU ratbags, but actually accusing the AfD patriot party of being “complicit” in murder.

This was no generalised slur but a specific reference to a minor CDU politician named Lübcke, known for pro-crimmigrant positions -initially, the local cops said it was a non-political killing, but now it seems not.

The AfD patriots are often the victims of violence…

Red Nazis Attack Patriot MP – ‘Assassination Attempt!’ 

…but themselves reject violence – they confine their rhetoric to demands for political action against both domestic opponents and illegal aliens.

With no basis in fact or logic, Tauber has accused good Germans of complicity in a bad, indeed a heinous, crime.


But MUCH more serious than that, he’s trying to use his baseless accusation to wage his own little war on democracy itself.

He also argued that those who oppose Germany’s constitution should have certain fundamental rights revoked, including the right to free assembly.

What constitution?

Germans have what’s called a “Basic Law,”  granted them by the victorious Western Allies, but that’s hardly a constitution – Germans were never given a chance to approve it.

And despite nazi-style endeavours on the part of other Merkel coalition allies…


HEIL MERKEL!   – Heiko Maas

‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

…the security services have clearly confirmed there’s nothing subversive about the AfD, so Tauber’s Goebbels-like rant is merely that, a rant against freedom, irrational and anti-democratic.

I doubt he even takes it seriously himself. He and others like him are simply….

…cynically – exploiting a man’s death to score party political points.