Biden Digs Up Dead Girl-Drowner To Win Liberal Fans!

Poor Old Joe!

Having caught a bit of merry hell from uptights, after saying, sensibly, that he had been able to work with Southern conservatives in the 1970s, Biden then flip-flopped like an oil-slicked sea-gull, then invoked the shade of a shady sex-predator…


. burnish his liberal credentials.

Joe Biden on Wednesday evoked liberal hero Ted Kennedy to explain that his relationships with segregationist senators in the 1970s were adversarial, not cordial, as he had suggested the day before.

The sheer absurdity of describing that Kennedy as ANY kind of hero!

The unlamented scum-bag left a young woman to drown…



…and he’s now as much an iconic figure as the still-living sex-predator Billy Boy?

What a sad commentary on the Media-Democrat Party!