Reasons To Be Careful – Beware Of Boris!

Well, well..


Johnson claimed that once Britain had left the EU he would focus on pursuing, “modern, progressive conservatism”, which he called a “winning formula…”

I’ve often had a grumble about the way conservatives let the Left get away with appropriating the word ‘progressive.’

Now I ask if BoJo was using it in its compromised sense, meaning all the slimy ‘liberal’ stuff that ‘social justice warriors’ love to wallow in..


…or did he simply mean he wanted to pursue real progress, for example – implementation of direct democracy, citizens’ initiatives, which would soon see terrorists strung up or shot…

…and thugs flogged, fake ‘refugees’ slung out…things that honest decent Brits want done, to make Britain a land once more worth living in.

I fear the latter interpretation of his words would be hugely over-optimistic.

My scepticism about Boris Johnson is not something unique to me –

As London mayor, he offered a more internationalist and pro-immigration posture than many in the pro-Brexit camp.

– nor is it anything new to me.

Frankly, no Tory leader has been trustworthy from a conservative point of view since The Iron Lady.



She made mistakes, some very serious, as on Rhodesia and on Ulster, but those were occasions when she let her own sound instincts be circumvented by rats in the bureaucratic attic.

Those who came after had few if any sound instincts.

Cameron was the most ruinous in his betrayals…

..Cam on-off gay adopt

He u-turned on the perversion issue and he promised a referendum on the ‘European Project’ in 2005…



…a promise he gaily broke!

…but can a politician be said to betray principles he never held?

With Johnson, we may be hearing a lot in the days ahead, some of which might make us think he’s not such a bad chap.

Writing for The Spectator in 2000, Johnson attacked the then Labour government for ‘encouraging the teaching of homosexuality in schools.’

In another piece for the Telegraph this time, in 1998 he lamented Peter Mandelson who had just resigned from Labour, which he felt would have led to an outpouring of emotion from ‘tank-topped bum boys in Ministry of Sound. 

He wrote:

Weep, o ye shirt makers of Jermyn Street, ye Cool Britannia tailors and whatever exists of human finer feeling. In the Ministry of Sound, the tank-topped bum boys blub into their Pils…

That last bit of doggerel is actually very funny, but this is the same man who not only fell head over heels for the gaystapo agenda…



…..but stomped the basic principle of fair play by refusing cured aberrants the same right to advertise on London Transport that he’d freely bestown on the aberrants averse to being cured.

Again, he won wide applause from civilised British people, a few months ago, when he called out the barbarous primitives who affront normal human beings by prowling city streets in offensive head-shrouds.




But amid all the shrilling from the pinko creeps in the media and the left-liberal political class, a lot of applauders failed to notice that he had failed to demand that the UK follow sensible examples in Denmark and France and ban the backward garb.

Worse, he appeared to join his fellow-candidates for the Tory leadership in their collective grovel to the Home Secretary’s ridiculous call for an investigation into ‘Islamophobis!’  

All that’s needed to quell any unreasonable suspicion of Muslims is that all of their representatives in Britain issue a public denunciation of the pig-ignoramuses who call for harassment or worse of Muslims who convert to other creeds or no creed…

..a total condemnation of polygamy in any circumstances, a loud assertion that blasphemy is punishable by God and not Man, and that sex discrimination in matters of inheritance is an archaic affront to civilised values.

AND, most important, that loyalty to Queen and Country ALWAYS takes priority over sectarian solidarity.

That’s how every aspiring PM should have responded to Javid’s outburst.


However, back to Mr. Johnson, whose best immediate course of action would be to dump that blonde bit he’s (at least till this weekend) been shacked up with!

Get a brunette, Boris!


I say that not because she seems annoyingly raucous but because she reportedly holds appallingly left-liberal views. Since he holds no fixed views on much of anything, while he’s involved with her he is susceptible to her influence.

If Bojo wins the Tory leadership, as he probably will, his previous form strongly suggests he will betray Brexit as brazenly as T. May did.

Alas, knowing the grass-roots Tories very well, having once toiled amongst them, I have to say that their capacity for self-delusion is only matched by the sycophancy they instantly display when in proximity to party ‘grandees.’


This was never more obvious than this weekend, when he cravenly refused to answer all questions about the row with Blondie.

The assembled Tories sounded like a herd of lowing cattle, with their ‘heah-heah’ mooing, approving his cower-conduct.


When the betrayal happens, they will bleat sheepishly for minutes and minutes, then get back into cap-doffing mode, sharpish.

Farage is imperfect, but his Brexit Party is the only practical option for Brits who want to regain their independence.