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Female high school and college track and field records are dropping like flies. A single college athlete now holds ten separate college track championships for women. In Connecticut, two athletes have gone head to head for two years in a row in several events, seemingly smashing female records at every matchup.
What accounts for this assault on the record books? Is it improved training? Advanced racing techniques? Better equipment?
It’s none of these things. Female athletic records are falling because biological men are being allowed to compete against girls and women. And the men are dominating the competition.
Oppose Legislation Allowing Male Athletes To Compete Against Girls and Women
In their politically-correct desire to accommodate all things LGBT, many high school and college athletic federations now allow men to compete against girls and women with no restrictions simply by declaring that they “identify” as a female. The consequences of this go well beyond political correctness, however. They go to the core of our decades-long societal effort to bring equality to female athletics as set out in Title IX, and they have profoundly negative implications for female athletes who are seeking to win college scholarships.
Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom this week filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights on behalf of Selina Soule and two other Connecticut high school female athletes who have been negatively impacted by the policy of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference. Selina said it succinctly in an interview with the Associated Press: “We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it’s demoralizing.”
Help Us Defeat Legislation Allowing Men To Compete Against Female Athletes
Because of the Connecticut transgender policy, Selina lost out on the right to compete in the New England Regional Championships where she would have been exposed to numerous college scouts. Male athletes took two spots in the female regional championships, spots that Selina and another female athlete would otherwise have won.
We wish Selina and ADF well as they challenge the unfairness of this transgender athlete policy at the federal level. However, there is a legislative effort underway to enshrine this unfair treatment of female athletes in law.
Among other provisions, the grossly misnamed Equality Act (HR 5/S. 788) provides that males may compete as females in athletic competitions simply by declaring their “gender identity” as females. Defeating this legislation, which we call the InEquality Act, is our top legislative priority.
Sign Our Petition Opposing The InEquality Act Today
Opposing the idea that men should be able to compete against girls and women will put a target on your back. That’s what occurred recently when female tennis great Martina Navratilova expressed her opposition to allowing biological males to compete against female athletes. She called it “insane” and “cheating” because of the tremendous physical advantages that males enjoy compared to females which give them a huge edge in athletic competitions. In addition to the obvious – testosterone levels – men have more muscle mass, longer and denser bones, more oxygen-carrying red blood cells, stronger and thicker ligaments and are, on average, nearly ten percent taller than women.
Pointing out these advantages earned Navratilova an onslaught of ad-hominin attacks for being “transphobic” and she was expelled from an LGBT advocacy group. This is ironic, since Navratilova was one of the first female athletes to publicly come out as a lesbian in the 1980s.
We aren’t the least bit concerned about attacks on us by LGBT extremists because we oppose the InEquality Act. It’s a terrible bill, dangerous legislation that targets people of faith, marriage supporters, those who support religious liberty and all those who hold the common sense belief that gender is based on biology, not feelings.
To prevail against the LGBT mob and their allies, it’s critical that we generate nationwide grassroots opposition to this legislation. That’s why I’m asking you to sign our petition opposing this bill.
We’ve targeted several key members of the US Senate to ensure that they hear from Americans at the grassroots level that we expect them to oppose this legislation. We need to send them all a clear message that this legislation must be defeated. Frankly, we need your help to prevail.
Please sign our critical nationwide petition opposing this attack on people of faith and those who believe in basic American values. When you sign the petition, key US Senators and their top staff will receive an email in your name letting them know that you expect them to defeat this legislation.
Over 10,000 people have already signed our nationwide petition opposing the InEquality Act. There are two things you can do today to help:

  1. If you haven’t already, please add your own name to the petition, letting key Senators and their top staff know that you join with many others to oppose this unfair, one-sided attack on marriage, gender and religious liberty.
  2. Please forward the petition to at least two other people and ask them to join you in adding their own name to the petition. You can use the sharing buttons below to send the petition on social media, or click here to forward via email.
There has never been a more dangerous, damaging legislative attack on us and our values. That’s why, in addition to signing the petition and sharing it with others, I’m also asking if you would consider making an emergency financial contribution to NOM to help us defeat the InEquality Act. Thanks to some generous supporters, your donation to help defeat this bill will be matched dollar for dollar, instantly doubling the impact of your gift!

Will you step forward with an emergency financial contribution knowing that your support will immediately double?

The funds we receive from this appeal will help us mount an all-out effort to defeat this legislation including running nationwide digital ads, expanding the website we created to oppose the bill, educating and engaging Americans on social media about this terrible legislation, and significantly expanding the number of people who sign our petition.

But whether you are in a position to donate to the effort or not, it’s critical that every NOM supporter act today to sign the petition themselves, and ask at least two other people to do the same.

We’re in a tough battle to defeat this proposal, but if we all work together, I am confident we can prevail. We have truth on our side, there are major signs of disunity among LGBT supporters, and we have a compelling case to make. But victory won’t just come our way on its own. We need to fight like never before to prevail.