Jakarta Facing Another Fanatic Friday – and Thursday…and Besok?

Besok is Indonesian for tomorrow, but is often used like the Spanish magnana,  anytime soon!

However, the fanatics here in Jakarta have been more specific, with the official spokesman of the ‘Alumni 212 Brotherhood’ declaring that we can expect traffic disruption not only on Friday, but also on Thursday and even tomorrow, 26 June.

They are angry about the fact their favourite, Prabowo, lost the presidential election and aim to protest the court ruling on the outcome.


Indonesia’s Constutional Court


In case anyone imagines the ‘Alumni’ are in any sense an educational outfit, they’re not. They are extremists, not merely hostile to President Jokowi, but also, largely, if not completely, directed by Islamists.

Indeed, the spokesman mentioned is none other than that paragon of enlightened tolerance, Novel Bamukmin…


habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi

Habib Novel – “women already have limitations, let alone non- Muslims!” http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2013/10/26/1937287/.FPIMenolak.Lurah.Susan.Harga.Mati

….a leading light in the vigilante gang that calls itself the Islam Defenders’ Front…

…the FPI.

The peak of the action will be Friday 28 June, “ he told the media, but “ it’ll be every day, 25, 26, 27 and 28th….”  https://www.tagar.id/tak-hiraukan-prabowo-pa-212-dan-gnpfulama-demo-di-mk

You’ll notice today’s date is included, but since I have only been as far as my local warteg for lunch…

…who knows how downtown may be?

Even so, my bus journey yesterday was disrupted by hundreds of security personnel preparing for trouble outside the  court, so it’s hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

What’s most annoying is that the date of the verdict announcement is no longer Friday but Thursday, but the fanatics like their Friday fun.

Most of them don’t seem to have work to go to, so the decent majority of the capital’s citizens, who do engage in honest toil, just have to suck it up, while ranters rant on.