Total W-nkers? More Guardian Garbage!

Sometimes I wonder what I’d do without The Guardian. It’s not just the way they come up with ‘shock-horror’ stories about the ‘far-right’ increasing its power and influence.

These almost always do not involve real ‘far-right’ forces but just patriotic resistance parties like AfD or Salvini’s Lega.

Or the Law and Justice Party in Poland.

Such reports are exhilirating.


Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity ToPoland Today! 

They inspire me to urge readers to send messages of support to those resistance heroes named.

Other times the Guardian promotes genuinely disturbed left fanaticism, glaring intolerance like that of Nick Cohen…

Guardian Jackboot Bigot Calls Brexit Brits “Thugs!=

Guardian’s Nick ‘Storm-Troop’ Cohen.

Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 

…which allows me to illustrate the real danger to democracy,

But now and then a gem of pure, incandescent idiocy pops out of its pages, like this –

When the Trumps came to tea, the Duchess of Cornwall winked, and people were amused.



But is such an exclusionary gesture still OK?

‘OK’  with whom? You? Me? Pinko journos?

Who in their right mind would write hundreds of words asking such a stupid question?

The guy who puts his arm round his girl-friend’s waist, the girl who takes her boy-friend’s hand, both are making ‘exclusionary’ gestures.

They are making it clear whose proximity they prefer!

What’s wrong with that?

Every country that requires arrivals from abroad to show passports and visas is making an ‘exclusionary’ gesture.

Who wants undesirable aliens in the homeland!

What’s wrong with that?

People and peoples have every right to be ‘exclusionary’ – that’s perfectly…


Tons of normal folk everywhere are sick and tired of enforced ‘inclusivity,’ that instructs them to be open to all sorts of persons with whom they certainly don’t feel at ease.

Yet, while we can forgive the guy writing in the Guardian who has written a detective story about a villain who winks at, then kills, selected victims  – he is of course keen to have much public discussion on the subject of winking –  how about this rubbish?

‘…a wink today stands out as a flashback to monochrome England, such as when you see someone smoking a pipe...’


What the Hell does ‘monochrome England’ mean?


If something as simple as winking could rid the UK of the multicultural blight, millions of eye-lids would be flapping daily!

And what about of people like….


Camilla Duchess of Cornwall winks at the press during Donald Trump state visit at Clarence House 3/07/19

..”…the Duchess of Cornwall performed (if that is the right word) a wink. Why? We outsiders don’t know, and we are not meant to know.”  So? Is a private joke now outlawed?

…Dr. Peter Collet, an ‘Oxford psychologist,’ who opines that –

“A wink is all about collusion, and collusion is about exclusion…” Therefore, the wink, in his opinion, is anachronistic..

Let’s all go out tomorrow and get some exclusionary winking done! However, be careful where you do it!