Vile Venables? Stop Funding The Fiend!

There must be few, if any, British people old enough to remember Jamie Bulger, the little boy tortured and bludgeoned to death, who are weird enough to feel compassion for the evil degenerates who killed him.

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James was snatched by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson outside of a butcher’s shop in Bootle after his mother briefly went inside. The pair then sexually abused and tortured James and the infant’s body was found mutilated on a railway line in Walton, Liverpool, two days later. They were found guilty of murder in November 1993 and were imprisoned until 2001, when they turned 18-years-old.

Venables and Thompson were given taxpayer-funded new identities on release but that didn’t stop Venables from going on to reoffend – he is currently serving a 40-month sentence for possession indecent images of children.

Yet ALL British people, at least those who pay taxes, are compelled to  help the scumbags stay in hiding, funding ID changes to save their filthy skins.

One of the swine has disappeared without trace. It’s to be hoped that one may himself may have died, hopefully painfully, though there’s no way of knowing.

But the other one, the notorious Jon Venables, was last heard of when he was ‘outed’ as a kiddie-porn addict, a few years ago.



Seemingly unable to resist flaunting his perverted nature, Venables has reportedly been handed SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND pounds ( lawyers’ fees – what else?) for multiple changes of name, and the report linked here…


….claims, reliably, that the filthy fiend is quite likely to be given a brand new life – again at tax-payers’ expense! – in Canada, or maybe Australia.

Or maybe New Zealand.



This is disgusting!

The excuse recently offered by a judge, Sir Andrew McFarlane, for continuing this offensive series of masquerades, that “the anonymity order was intended to protect Venables from ‘being put to death,’ ” merits a two-word response.


I’m no tekkie, but that process which we often see on tv, by which a photo taken decades ago can be ‘aged’ to show what somebody looks like now?

Canadians and Australians and Kiwis should start learning how to do that.