Hurray For Hawley! Fighting Geekstapo Censors!

Law-makers from patriot parties around the world should take a leaf out of American Senator Josh Hawley’s book.

He’s a Republican and has just ‘introduced legislation on Wednesday aimed at cracking down on “Big Tech’s political censorship.” 


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There’s no doubt at all that Big Tech’s leftist geekstapo is operating policies carefully designed to suppress resistance to their favoured causes.


‘Nazis using dog whistles’: Internal Google email goes after Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson & PragerU

An embarrassing new leak shows Google employees discussing disabling features for YouTube creators they describe as ‘Nazis,’ even as the company denied allegations of political bias based on earlier leaked documents.”.


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There is plenty more damning evidence.


Google pulls videos accusing it of election manipulation from YouTube… which it owns.

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Google’s video platform YouTube is apparently no place for content that accuses the tech giant of political bias and election meddling. An expose based on a sting operation was taken down by the company a day after its release

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…Insider exposes Google’s efforts to influence 2020 election against Trump



The stated aim of Hawley’s amendment to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is “to encourage” major tech platforms “to provide content moderation that is politically neutral…

Each nation’s legal codes are different, of course, and while patriot parties are still in a minority in most national legislatures, they can still introduce amendments which have to be voted on…

…thus exposing the ruling-class parties as enemies of free speech.

If, and admittedly it’s doubtful, there are any real conservatives in the British ‘Conservative’ Party, the current round of ‘question and answer’ sessions held in connection with the leadership contest would be a golden opportunity for Johnson and Hunt, and for voters all over the UK…



…to see where the terrible twosome stand on the issue.


Methinks their responses might not be to our liking, but as said already, putting them on the spot will do no harm.