Tolong, Transmart, Koordinasi, Ya?

About a month ago, I was in Grogol, and decided to walk down to Podomoro City mall, as I needed to replenish my supplies of coffee and figured Carrefour superstore, or Transmart Carrefour, as it has been cumbersomely renamed, would have that commodity for sale.

It did.

It also had baked beans discounted to about Rp.16,000, so, having been from boyhood partial to beans n toast, with now and then some sausages,  as a midnight snack…


As enjoyed in Merry England


 They were the local Ayam Brand beans, just as tasty, in my opinion, as the Western beans I used to devour.

I stuck four cans in my basket.

The cashier proceeded to ring them up – no discount!

I pointed this out, and he politely asked me to take up the dispute at their information desk

I did, and my over-payment was refunded.


Mistakes happen. All staff concerned were polite, though I wasted more than 15 minutes waiting for justice.

Then, on Thursday this week, where should I find myself but Transmart Carrefour…


  • Blok  M Square's Carrefour


…this time their Blok M branch. I wanted a cuddly toy for a friend’s new-born baby.

Got one, then saw catfood at Rp.66,000 per bag.

Cheap! Discount!

A lot of stores price identical feline provisions at  Rp.70,000 and one outrageous fancy-pants place near Bunderan HI recently demanded around Rp. 90,000!

posh cats

Happy me, to find a bargain, to take home to a happy cat.

Till I reached the cashier. Old price uncorrected, so back to another information desk. Another 15 plus minute wait, sorted out, again with civility.


Had I been in a hurry, I would not have disputed the cashier’s price. A lot of people probably don’t. Maybe my own misreading of the price label on the shelves to blame?

No, entirely inefficiency on the part of somebody who gets paid to coordinate the discounts and the cash registers!

This sloppiness is unacceptable, unreasonable and unfair.

Transmart Carrefour, smarten up!