London Bridge Atrocity – Complicity? Deport The Scum!

The Islamist vermin who staged their sectarian slaughter at London Bridge two years ago were shot down like rabid dogs, and a good thing too.

Had they been taken alive,  they’d be parasiting off tax-payers and spreading their poison among susceptible morons behind prison walls, with possibilities of early parole after just a few decades!


Much like the scum who killed Lee Rigby in Woolwich…

Xmas Bonus, Please, For Prison Guards Who De-Fanged Pig! 

…. though at least some prison officers dispensed a spot of justice in that context.


From left to right: Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba
Satan’s servants – The London Bridge Beasts, Khuram Butt on the left

But equally as guilty in relation to the atrocity are those, surely, who stayed silent when they could have warned.

The Coroner didn’t beat around the bush.

 “Khuram Butt’s [other] family [members] were aware of his extremist views and behaviour, but did not report those matters to the authorities.”

To be fair, not ALL that family behaved disgracefully. But those who did?

Enemy Aliens.

Round them up, lock them up, and deport them.

If no country can be found that’s willing to accept the filth, keep them locked up.

Internment is urgently required.

Sure, I hear you say, no chance of that with the Blubbering Bitch still in 10 Downing Street,  determined to the bitter end  of her abysmal years in ministerial office….  ..


Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu


…to make jihadist demons feel welcome ‘back home’ in the UK.

Even yesterday she stood forlorn on the world stage, a zombiesque figure, shaming herself, as a so-called ‘conservative,’ by defending the liberalism which has failed the Western world.


But I say all the above because somebody has to remind the British ruling class how badly they neglect their duty to safeguard Brits and put down the Enemy Within.


A lot of attention has been rightly focused on the shortcomings of the security services, summed up by Christine Delcros, the girlfriend of Xavier Thomas, one of the bestial trio’s victims, who is quoted as saying that –

 “I believe this attack was preventable. 

I find it staggering that Butt, a well-known extremist, was allowed to work within the London transport network, to have access to and teach young children, and to rent and use a vehicle in a manner now too often encountered. I am dismayed SO15 did not pass this critical information to any of his employers.”

Fair comment.

It’s also hard to believe  that everybody at these various work-places was unaware of his evil ideology. The pig had actually been filmed by the BBC as an example of an Islamist traitor.

Nobody should knowingly employ swine who hold jihadist views. Nor should they be eligible for any state benefits.



Such prohibitions might serve to direct them to where they belong.