Bravo, Beatrix! Salvini Deserves A Prize!

As patriots all over Europe, and elsewhere, hope that the arrogant Sea-Witch, Carola Rackete, will be charged, put on trial and sent to prison for the maximum ten years after her irresponsible invasion of Lampedusa harbour, endangering the lives of Italian port security officers who were on board a patrol boat…


Migrant aid ship captain arrested; Italy police boat rammed –

…I remembered that Beatrix von Storch, the excellent AfD Member of the Bundestag, had put forward Italy’s heroic Matteo Salvini as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize…



…my immediate reaction was to see if ordinary folks like us could add our names to the nomination form.

Then I thought, why bother?

The award was forever debased and devalued when, as blatantly partisan gesture-politics, the pinko creeps on the Nobel committee handed the prize to the racist Obama…


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and the more recent, similar, exaltation of Colombia’s Santos for stabbing democracy in the back…

Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – NauseatingNobel Nonsense! 

Then I thought again and thought, why not!?!

A patriot like Salvini has no chance of winning the prize but even just the possibility will infuriate hordes of horribly intolerant leftists.



Von Storch’s words are a tonic to read, as she praises Salvini’s “great contribution to the security and stability of Europe.”

“I propose Matteo Salvini for the Nobel Peace Prize because he has exemplified a successful policy of stability for Europe and for saving thousands of lives, an example others should follow…” statement 


Migrant savages on the attack.


…”by closing Italy’s borders” Salvini had “successfully curbed illegal migration to Europe as well as the smuggling industry and shown what honest and determined politics can achieve.”

So I had a look at who’s eligible to put forward candidates, in hopes a supportive petition might be possible.


Nomination rights are very restricted – some of those so entitled are predictable, like elected politicians.

Yet there is such a right for one particular organisation, the name of which reeks of Leftery, namely, the “Women’s League for Peace and Freedom.”

If any reader has the time to investigate the WLPF, please do so and let us know what they’ve been up to, esp. during the Cold War years.