Karyn Turk Disgraces U.S Conservatism – Attacks That Ariel Ad!

Such a fuss by mush-noggins in Pakistan over the admirable advert for Ariel soap powder!


WPK-PAK-DETERGENT-(Read-Only)An ad gets Pakistani uptights even tighter!


You can read about the outcry from backward bigots who think, as the Jakarta Post paraphrases their benighted arguments, that women should be confined to the home to hide their beauty and do their duty. 


I can’t imagine there will be much disapproval of the Ariel ad among my readers. My only reason for writing briefly about the news item is a degree of curiosity over whether the detergent company will share my blog’s fate, a ban from Pakistan!

But as I was writing this, RT had a TV debate between two American women, one a blonde by the name of  Karyn Turk, I believe, ranting that Pakistani women should be left to liberate themselves from the injustice of shariah…




…and the other, a young black lady, Reese Everson, whom I suspect, alas, is a liberal, asserting that the plight of women in such societies was such that everyone had a duty of solidarity.

Okay, both sides have to be heard, but I have rarely witnessed such gross ill-manners as those displayed by Blondie.

She has presumably not been bullied by male family members as some women here in Indonesia are…


‘Fathers and husbands, their private parts are your responsibility!


…for she repeatedly, rudely, shouted down her opponent. On investigation, I have ascertained that Ms. Turk is a well-known ‘conservative’ media personality in the USA.

What a disgrace she is, both in her lack of courtesy and in the abominable position she has taken, on this clear moral issue.