Hong Kong’s Communist Collaborators -Where’s The UK Conscience?

Just home from a night out and seen the heroic Hong Kong demo.

That cow Lam is so contemptible, currying favour with Red China. It looks like her HK cops are on stand-by to put the boot into the mostly young freedom campaigners..




..so time to contemplate the truth, that Britain has a moral duty to take them in.

Would you not agree?

Unlike the primitive savages Merkel imported, illegally, the Chinese kids are civilised, unafflicted with evil ideologies, and would usefully contribute to UK life.


Even that clown Chris Patton seems vaguely to grasp this.

Incidentally, did you notice the biased BBC earler today telling us how oppressive the North Korean regime was?

True, but the BBC only adduced that aspect to diminish Trump’s achievement.



How come there’s no BBC bombardment against the most powerful and merciless marxist tyranny in the world.