So It Wasn’t “AOC’s” Boy-Friend!

Aware that women’s soccer is very much the talk of the town these days, I nevertheless don’t take a lot of interest in televised sport.


Although when the cameras show young ladies in shorts capering around a field I do stir on my sofa and pay brief attention.

So I have no idea of what the stars look like…

Sooo…when I saw this photo…


… I simply assumed that its news-value was its confirmation that the dreaded “AOC” had a boy-friend, a reassuring indication that despite her deranged political leanings, she was at least normal in one sense.

How disillusioned I was, to learn that the somewhat soppy-looking young man was in fact not her beloved at all (I hope!) but in fact that wretch Rapinoe, a lesbian, by God, AND a left extremist, who has been in the media recently giving offence to President Trump.

But NOT AOC’s boy-friend!

There’s hope for the red congresswoman yet?

BTW, does she have a boy-friend?