Beware Europhiliac Hacks Who Slant Brexit News!

I wonder if The Independent’s Joe Stone actually considers himself a journalist.


He styles himself their ‘Europe Correspondent,’ but his reporting is so blatantly partisan that a more apt description might be a lickspittle Europhiliac hack.

Get this, a chunk of anti-Brexit Party bias extracted from his ‘report’ on Anne Widdecombe’s maiden speech this week.


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Ann Widdecombe, MEP


The former Tory shadow home secretary claimed Britain was “oppressed” and, apparently without irony, likened Brexit to a colony rising up against an occupying empire.

That comparison exactly echoes how millions of Brits view the situation and why a majority voted for deliverance in 2016.

So why does this scribbler Stone insert his snide reference to ‘irony?’

Definition of Irony

‘ ….the use of words that are the opposite of what you mean, as a way of being funny….’


There’s no place for ‘irony’ when the UK faces an arrogant supranational entity bent on a ‘back-stop’ which will, if implemented, destabilise the unity of the realm to appease an alien and hostile republic…

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Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs

…which brazenly aspires to annex a million Ulster Brits and raise its vile tricolour over Belfast, Londonderry and every other loyal community across the water.

Not to mention Brussels’ demands for ‘Brexit Bill’ Danegeld…




…and the arrogant insistence that, near unique among international pacts, arbitration, if required, is reserved to the EU’s own court, the ECJ!

Every British patriot, in Ulster or on the mainland, must have cheered when they read how Anne socked it to the Strasbourg Slugs!

There is a pattern consistent throughout history of oppressed people turning on the oppressors: slaves against their owners, the peasantry against their feudal barons – colonies, Mr Verhofstadt, against their empires. That is why Britain is leaving…

It doesn’t matter which language you use, we are going, and we are glad to be going.

Stone reports all kinds of curs’ cretinous rejoinders, the most offensive coming from some coarse Green MEP cow who asked if the Brexiteer matron was ‘drunk!’



Were he even remotely interested, or professional, he’d easily have found an equal number of supportive voices but the Euroid creep didn’t even try.