Tax-Funded ‘Discrimination’ Mob About To Discriminate?

The bigot leftist in charge of a Belgian tax-funded sticky-beak outfit is weaseling vigorously.

The ‘inter-federal agency for equal rights’ aka UNIA, is in a tizzy because the Flemish patriot party, having won huge support in recent elections…


Vlaams Belang poster – ‘our own people first!’


…has asserted ‘its right to one of the seats’ on the agency’s governing board, but the Flanders regional parliament has ominously postponed a vote on appointments, sparking suspicions the in-crowd plan to discriminate against the VB (Vlaams Belang) by denying its right to sit on the ‘anti-discrimination’ body!

The Brussels Times writer admits that the VB’s ‘record number of seats’ would  ‘in principle give it the right to one of the four seats reserved for Flemish parties…’

…..’but the prospect of a far-right party on the board of an anti-racist body has caused some embarrassment.’


That democracy thing is SO embarrassing!

After the outrageous post-election efforts to put pressure on Belgium’s King Philippe… sounds to me as if the left-liberal establishment is still running scared, UNIS horrified that their drivel ‘discrimination’ agenda may be subjected to criticism.

And VB’s Chris Janssens, has promised just that!


Chris Janssens

We plan to take a very critical stance.”

And the one thing these ‘anti-hate’ parasite cliques hate is dissent, which the VB can be counted on to provide.

The report reminds us that ‘VB has in the past criticised Unia as “thought police” and a “council for complaining foreigners.”

And Mr. Janssens makes it clear that he will fight for his own fellow-citizens’ rights, rather than whining ‘minorities.’

For us, there are no wrong opinions, only criminal acts. Unia wants to use the courts as a punishment, instead of tackling actual discrimination.

This institution is heavily subsidised, with the main purpose of dragging Flemish people through the mud.”

Enter the sticky-beaks’ co-director Els Keytsman, who begins with the mild observation that a VB member could be “interesting.”

But after a wee bit of waffle about how it “could be a chance for us to show that we are not the kind of cliché that a lot of VB supporters think we are….”


Comrade Keytsman shows her true totalitarian colours, with a hint that there could be ‘a different method of selecting board members, by issuing an open call for candidates.’

Dropping the mask, she snarled, “I would hope that the Flemish parliament would not take the decision on the basis of outdated political culture.”

Rather than comment on the bigot bint’s contempt for the established democratic process when it might risk a solitary dissenting voice on her team of yes-men ( and yes-women, and if trannies are involved, yes-things!) I will let the VB’s Janssens sum up the dituation.

“Strange how self-professed democrats want to tinker with the rules when the results don’t suit them,” he said. “We have a right to a seat and will take it up. “

Now it’s up to the other parties with Flanders regional representation to decide – crawl to pinko creeps like Keytsman, or play fair.