Indonesia’s Expat Cravings – Whaddaya Really Miss?

interesting article in the ever-readable expat magazine this  – –which prompts me to mention stuffing.

The magazine writer is concerned about what cannot be got in Bali, where I’d have expected the huge foreign community would be well catered for.

My stuffing odysseys take place here in Jakarta, and a lot of ground has been covered, since I’m out on the town at least four or five days a week.


Hasil gambar untuk stuffing

Alas, stuffing’s a food-stuff I’ve looked for in vain, even venturing to posh Kemang, that South Jakarta area, where high-salaried foreigners abound, and pricey stores cater to their longings.

So far, no luck.

It’s no big deal, and if need be, the delicious product can be acquired on my Australia outings, or brought by those who come thence to spend time with me.


Yet it seems strange that all kinds of exotic edibles are available in Jakarta, except for stuffing!