Sunday Brunch-Time – A Good Read About Bad ‘Charities!’

Oxfam isn’t the only charity that can sound like a Morning Star editorial…

You can say that again.

Oxfam Let Truth Slip Out! Bestial Brutes OTW To YOUR Country? 

Oxfam, Outlawed In Haiti


Oxfam’s very name is now a stench in the nostrils of decent people everywhere.

I don’t think I’ve paid much attention to War on Want’s website, with its bold red colouring and clenched fist logo…Everyone has the right to be ill-informed, but they don’t deserve to be considered charitable and have the accompanying status and tax advantages while they guide us to Marxist Utopia.


You can read more about WoW’s behaviour and bigotry here


Nor have I touched on Comic Relief, which has been lavishing money on the above fanatic outfit.

WoW have received £400,000 from Comic Relief in the last two years, despite being an overtly far-Left protest group with a specific political agenda (pro-Palestine is high on their list) and anti-Trump and anti-Israel obsessions. They have recently taken things a little too far, and have been reprimanded by the Charity Commission for ‘inappropriate political activity,’ with their ‘Stop Trump’ campaigning.

These red freakos don’t need reprimands – they need to be stripped of ‘charity’ status!

And as we have shown often enough…

Christmas Is Coming – Give To Good Causes! 

….there are plenty more ‘charities’ you shouldn’t give a wooden nickel to!

Anyway, the article I’m quoting from is WELL worth reading in its entirety, here!