Fake News? BBC’s ‘Anonymous Source’ Blames Boris For ‘Diplomat’ Darroch’s Departure!

The BBC ‘Brexit’ specialist, Robin Something, was on, at 6pm Jakarta time, fretting about how other ambassadors might react, and saying how ‘poisonous’ politics in the UK has become, because of ‘Brexit’ – of course.

Things happen on a daily basis which previously you’d think were crazy –  SINCE the Brexit referendum and since Trump was elected…’

..and one of those things is that civil servants get criticised, Robin lamented.



Weird how Trump is being blamed for objecting to being insulted.

And we are being told by another BBC correspondent, live from Westminster,6.24pm Jakarta time, that ‘sources” (anonymous, OF COURSE!) are telling media hacks that BORIS is to blame, because he wouldn’t back Darroch!

I won’t waste words on ‘Diplomat’ Darroch who has just resigned. We’ll learn more of that leak in due course.

But I remember reading, after the non-violent coup which brought down Maggie, that there were champagne corks popping in the Foreign Office.


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The malevolent mandarins there hated her patriotism.


Those swine should have been fired – they weren’t, and some of them by now will have risen high.

Again I remind you of the prescient observation of the Right Honourable Enoch Powell…

Old News Revisited – UK Civil Service A Den Of Vipers! 


…that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was ‘a den of traitors and a nest of vipers.’

For more on how satisfactory or not UK civil servants might be, you may read extracts from my own writings at the time of the Falklands War.

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