How To Escalate ‘Islamophobia!’

Home Secretary Javid’s ethno-centric sectarian stunt at that Tory leadership debate must have lost him a lot of support.

Demanding all his rivals commit to a witch-hunt ( aka an ‘Enquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative Party’ ) was sheer effrontery.

The very word was invented by the sort of extremists, like CAIR in the USA, who think their creed ought to be above criticism, with legal sanctions against transgressors. It is basically a bid to bring in a backward, bigoted, back-door ‘blasphemy law.’



Primitives on parade!

Politicians who pander to such demands are readying to reduce civilised Western societies to the bone-headed levels of intolerance we see in that photo above.

They would usher in a situation where decent folks can be punished for ‘offending’ uptights, as happened here in Indonesia when Ahok was put in prison.

I’ve criticised Boris Johnson often enough, but he has had sufficient sense to say that any ‘investigation’ must not be an exercise in Islamo-grovel…

Tory Islamophobia inquiry now ‘general investigation’, says Boris Johnson

Miffed ... Boris Johnson.


…but instead an enquiry into ALL forms of ‘prejudice,’ including anti-Semitism, and, one hopes, into hostility to Christians…

Scots Gaystapo Strikes Again – Preacher .Arrested...

..which has become a festure of modern UK life.

Enter the ‘Muslim Council of Britain,’ which could do a lot to counter ‘Islamophobia,’ for example with a straightforward declaration that loyalty to Queen and Country must always take priority over any nonsense about solidarity with foreign co-religionists…




….but is now into hyper-whine – insisting that only THEIR flock merits inquisitory action against those who find fault with them…



Thanks be, The West left such nonsense behind long ago…but is it coming back?


….thus striking a very ill-timed, self-centred pose in a week when the same Guardian had to report an appalling example of Jew-baiting.