Europhiliac Queer MP Defends Europhiliac Darroch!

Eldritch but oddly entertaining scene on tv news, with one of May’s Foreign Office flunkeys ‘slapping down’ a patriot Tory who dared tell the truth about the Ex-Ambassador to Washington.

A Brexiteer Tory MP has been slapped down by a Foreign Office minister…

The minister, who believe it or not once put himself forward as party leader, is Alan Duncan, infamously queer – his wikipedia entry even includes a ridiculous reference to the unnatural situation that ‘he’ has a ‘husband!’


Official portrait of Sir Alan Duncan crop 2.jpg
Queer Little Alan Duncan MP, PC, KCMG
Minister of State for Europe and the Americas

Duncan’s also known for his contempt for democracy, and he’s a snobby little sh-t to boot!

In October 2017, the queer little stuck-up denounced the 2016 referendum result  as a –

blue-collar tantrum against immigration” – wiki ref.[60]


Enter a real conservative, Bill Cash, bravely faced shouts of “shame on you” from the creep ranks, when he told Dinky Little Duncan the truth.

These toxic and unjustified attacks on the president of the United States and his administration are regarded by many people as completely unjustified.


Bill Cash, chairman of the committee, announced Lord Patten will face MPs
Bill Cash MP

“As chairman of the European scrutiny committee I was more than well aware of Darroch’s own prejudices in relation to the EU.

“Surely it is not his so-called frankness which should be the issue but his lack of judgment, which disqualifies him from his post.”

That’s telling them!

But like the diminutive, but un-tank-topped, Duncan, they, the moronic members of the pusillanimous parliament, have no interest in listening to the truth.

Instead they shrill ‘shame on you,’ oblivious to the reality beyond Westminster’s weasel world, that it’s an even angrier nation heaping opprobrium on the Remaniac swine who, like John Major this week…

…have declared there’s no end to the desperate dirty tricks they’ll resort to…

…to prevent a clean break Brexit!