Fox’s ‘Lefty Lesbian Lawyer’ Show – ‘Proven Innocent!’

I don’t get Fox News on my cable TV, so have to rely on others to debate the question of a shift to the Left.

But the Fox ( not News) channel has been running a ‘crime’ drama series for weeks, one dollop of propaganda after another.



It’s HBO fiction, all about people wrongly locked up.

The heroine is a freaky lefty red-head lawyer, herself having been in jail for 10 years – apparently wallowing in lesbianism with her cell-mate, but once her conviction had been quashed, the lawyer returned to sexual normality.

But this week she bestowed a prison visit on her former paramour, then rang her ( the lawyer’s) mom, to announce her bi-sexuality!

All very weird!

It’s not just the story-lines.

The dialogue is left-loaded

Last night we had, you’ve guessed it, a poor trans-freak, and in previous weeks, among the victims of wicked American justice, we even got a dreadful Christian conservative judge…

…sitting in judgement on a head-scarved Muslim in prison for allegedly aborting her baby.

There may have been some WASP prisoners in need of rescue from injustice, but I don’t remember any old, white men – the group most excoriated by hateful politicians these days! – being liberated from durance vile by the bi-sexual broad!  .

But then I don’t watch it every week.

Why do I watch?

Horrid fascination, and one of the pinko legal team is a real cute black girl.


Nikki M james


And since, by the law of averages, there must have been non-‘minority’ Americans ( conservatives even?) wrongly convicted, I live in hope.

Maybe HBO will produce a fictional series about the nomination of a distinguished judge for the Supreme Court, who then faces a hate campaign, involving hordes of howling harridans?

Would Fox show that on prime or any time?

Who would play the judge?

They might exhume Nosferatu to make sure everyone loathes him!

Who would play the mangy old bag who accuses him, with no evidence, or reliable witnesses, of a sex-crime way back in their schooldays?

It would have to be a much more convincing actress than any of the Hollywood hags I can think of.