BBC ‘News?’ – “My Beard’s Stopped Growing!”

“My beard has stopped growing on some parts of my face and my hips are broadening again,” he says. 

Oh, dearie me!


Poor Venezuelan Tranny!

Its actual identity is clearly ‘SHE,’ because, as the quote makes clear, Mother Nature is reasserting reality as the effects of medical meddling wear off.

She/He/It has been spending tunza-money to get the ‘body that matched his identity!’

– by which the sad creature presumably means ‘matched her maladjusted self delusion.’

This bizarre stuff comes from a story listed last week, as part of the “BBC News” section…



…under the heart-rending headline…

Venezuela’s transgender community fears hormone shortages

And this is what the UK state broadcaster serves up as ‘news?’


Visual health warning – if you follow the BBC ‘news’ link, there’s a repulsive photo of a freak-show with two ugly men wearing bikinis.