Will Brussels Now Rail Against Justice For ISIS Victims?

Thanks be that the court in Morocco has done the decent thing!

Morocco Sentences 3 To Death For Murder Of  Scandinavian Tourists





We have been hoping for this outcome, but now that the vile jihadists have been sentenced to a well-deserved death for killing those Scandinavian girls…

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland

What A Hellish Christmas For Those Girls’ Families! 

…we have to wait a little longer, while the devils appeal against the sentence.

And while everyone in the world waits to see if the EUSSR chooses to take its habitual stand against justice….


The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.    https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-a

…or will the Brussels Empire give up its shameful policy of seeking to save the skins of bestial savages?