Brussels’ Vendetta Against Brave Poles Grinds On!

Poland’s former prime minister, Beata Szydlo, has cried foul after failing to get an EP committee chair a second time...



Poland’s Beata


Instead, a Slovak woman named Lucia Nicholsonova was chosen to chair the Employment Committee.

So the half-heartedly ‘Eurosceptic’ European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group abandoned Beata Szdlo rather than declare war on the bigoted left-liberal in-crowd.

The way Beata was sacrificed shows clearly that the members of the committee were not averse to an ECR member in the chair, nor to any particular nationality, East, Central or West European…



merkel v poles

….EXCEPT a Pole!


Actually, war was declared on Poland, years ago, by the ruling Brussels Empire elite, Mama Stasi Merkel and Liar Juncker, who hate Poland because Poles stand strong for REAL European values…



…and not for the rotten multicult supranationalist ideology dear to the hearts of the in-crowd.