Fuhrerin Von Leyen – Diktats Already?

It seems almost inevitable that Ursula von der Leyen will have a tough fight with the governments of the EU member states over the gender balance of their nominations for EU commissioners.


Von der Leyen promised that she would ensure “full gender equality” in her team of EU commissioners.

Hang on!

They are, as the top sentence confirms, the choice of the individual governments, a residual reminder that the EUSSR still has theoretically sovereign nation-states.

So once the governments nominate their commissar-candidates, who are subsequently sworn in with a pledge never to put their countries first again, they are obliged to work as part of ‘her team.’

But who the HELL does this dodgy dame think she is, to issue diktats defining whom the governments may propose.

I have no problem with women in politics.

If Unspeakable Ursula ended up with an all-female ‘team,’ good patriot women who would gang up on her and tell her, for example, to stop the bullying and bigotry dished out to sensible governments…


merkel v poles


…in Hungary and Poland that we saw under Juncker’s creepy old commissars who collaborated with Mama Stasi Merkel, I’d be over-joyed!

If France were to nominate Marine Le Pen’s lovely young niece, Marion…



THAT’ Is A Pejorative? Keep Speaking for France, Marion! 

…or Germany to name Beatrix Von Stork, or if Italy were to choose the delectable Giorgia Meloni…




…then GREAT!

But it’s up to the national governments to decide if they want to appoint men or women.