Pensions For IRA Vermin? Fire The Ould Bat!


The Victims Commissioner MUST Resign!

Anyone who proposes that the sort of scum who did Sinn Fein/IRA’s dirty work should now be allowed to get their filthy snouts into Brit tax-payers’ pockets is  either wicked or nuts.

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The Commissioner for Victims and Survivors recently provided advice to Government on the provision of a pension for the seriously injured (VASPA)


The impact of her proposals means that terrorists and other perpetrators who injured themselves whilst seeking to harm others and/or property would also have access to the Pension.

We will not allow Grant to ever be placed in the same breath as the terrorists and their ilk who inflicted such grievous harm to him and to our family.

We are clear that this is morally wrong and MUST not become legislation.

The Commissioner has failed to adequately represent the innocent victims/survivors of terrorism constituency for the duration of her four year tenure, she has failed our family and others like us – she must not be re-appointed, she must go.

We furthermore call upon the UK Government to urgently introduce a new UK-wide definition of victim of terrorism, which would have a transforming effect within this Society.