Justice Prevailed, Hero Not Jailed! Insane Spain…

We shouldn’t be surprised by anything these days, but this report from Spain, about a public-spirited young man who chased a bag-snatcher, felled him with a powerful punch…

….and then restored the stolen item to the young lady who’d been the thief’s victim, is truly shocking.

It was back in 2015 when the hero did his stuff, but the Spanish justice system is as slow ( and, as you will soon see, as sick ) as Britain’s.

The punch proved fatal.

Big deal – one less no-good on the streets of Fuengirola!


It was only just recently decided that the good guy would not be sent to prison.




Indefensibly, he’d been ordered to pay COMPENSATION to the scumbag criminal’s kids.

A court in Malaga in December 2018 sentenced the man, identified as Borja W.V., to two years in jail and ordered that he pay €180,000 in compensation to the victim’s two daughters.
An appeals court upheld the ruling in April, although he has not yet been jailed.



In Spain prison sentences of under two years don’t generally result in prison time being served if the convicted person has no previous criminal record.




But the court threatened to jail Borja if he did not pay the compensation.



By June, the brave young guy had only paid a fraction of the sum decreed by the dimwits.

Prison loomed.

Decent Spaniards were outraged, as you’d expect, and the patriot party, Vox, organised a crowd-funding appeal.

Then, finally, a modicum of sanity entered the proceedings.

On Monday last week, the sentence was suspended and the Malaga court ‘ordered Borja to pay €250 a month in compensation, if he has the means to do so.’

As I say, a modicum of sanity – of course the crim-kids shouldn’t get a single Spanish doubloon!

It’s not clear if the 100,000 euros raised by Vox will have to be wasted on the dead hood’s offspring.

Ridiculously, the lame-brain judgenoted that he had not committed another offence since the incident and was not a “criminal risk.” https://www.thelocal




Of course he’d not committed any other offences. He’s a good citizen!

Nor would anyone in his or her right mind consider Borja to be any kind of risk!

He deserves a bloody medal!