Canada Votes on October 21st…Or Not?

Very disturbing news from Canada, where the confederal election…


( I use ‘confederal’ rather than the media-favourite ‘federal’ to remind any Canadians who may have been gulled by those media into forgetting that July 1st’s celebration marked the anniversary of Confederation in 1867)

…due on October 21st may be changed because, as a judge, Ann Marie McDonald, summed the situation up, she wants the Chief Electoral Officer to consider a “redetermination that reflects a proportionate balancing of the Charter rights with the statutory mandate.”

Stuff that.

Pierre Turdo’s Charter has been a mill-stone round Canada’s neck…

….since parliament passed it all those years ago, effectively transforming the Dominion into a country run by un-elected judges instead of the people.

However, to specifics…

The push for a change of date has been led by a Tory candidate in Toronto because of a claim by some Jewish sect that they have a religious holiday then which precludes them from voting.

Canada is not a secular nation ( God is named in what passes for a constitution) but must NOT become a country run to suit religious minorities.

I have no wish to exclude Jews of any kind from voting – quite the contrary, apart from any more exalted reason, Jews are logically more likely to vote against Turdo Junior…


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….given his soft spot for jihadist fanatics. The more anti-Turdistan votes, the better!

Yet there’s been enough intrusion by ‘Charter’ inspired courts into Canadian life – the fallacious, mendacious ruling by the Supreme Court…


….which legalised homo weddings, is the worst example, but there are others – and moreover if this particular creed gets to alter election dates, where will such Charter-meddling go next?

As for these particular voters, it has been pointed out that at least one advance voting day is available, and special ballots – so what if it’s inconvenient?

Save the date!