Good News, Bad News And Very Worrying News!

I see that EUObserver offers us a mixed bag of info, courtesy of the EUSSR’s ‘Security Commissar,’ some geezer called Julian King.



King says that about ‘5,500 foreign terrorist fighters left European countries to travel to the conflict zones,’ two-thirds male, a quarter women.


That amounts to just over 90%, so were the other 10% trans-freaks?

Never mind.

The good news is that ‘at least 1,400 were killed, died..’


Just savour the thought of those scumbags…


… all writhing in Hell.

The bad news? –  ‘around 1,600 have since returned.’

That’s very bad news, because the ISIS pigs are not being hanged at whichever airport they arrive back at.

Instead pusillanimous toads like Theresa May…


Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu


….have been welcoming them ‘home’ and wasting tax-payers’ money on accommodating the swine.

Now for the very worrying news!

That leaves 2,500 unaccounted for, we don’t know where they are,” Commissar King confessed.

Image result for fake refugees paris bomb daily mail

Do Fake ‘Refugees’ Include ISIS ‘Returnees?’


Commissar King should perhaps try using advanced photographic recognition processes …



….to check out the mob Nigel used as a backdrop for his excellent 2016 bill-board!