‘Othering Sunday?’ Yes, On Planet Knit-Wit!

More and more often, it seems like we are in a kind of Twilight Zone, an Alternative Universe where humble traditional pastimes  – in this month’s news, KNITTING (seriously!) – are taken over by weirdos and weaponised against democratic freedoms.

Knitting is, to my mind, and surely the minds of most,  associated with kindly grandmas, or mums-to-be preparing for the new arrival.


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Hitherto unknown to yours truly, there is a global knitting community, which has the official title, Rabidly, oops, ‘Ravelry!’


The Guardian is a scream, both in the old sense of a good laugh, but also in the sense of a demented howl!

Basically…some poor chick said that her trip to India would be akin to visiting Mars!

Something of an exaggeration, yes, but she was at once assailed by buffoons, who said the gal’s mild hyperbole was ‘othering and reductive.’

Sorry, pinko creeps, but there’s no such word as ‘othering,’ any more than ‘Latinx’ or ‘Woke’ are words…


…but lay on, lefties, mangle the English language as you will!

I have heard people I know tell me their holiday – to some place, Marbella, maybe, or was it St. Moritz – was ‘out of this world!’

Maybe I nodded politely, or łaughed out loud, or asked a silly jokey question like –

“Was the spaceship comfortable?’

I don’t recall, but what I did NOT do was assail my acquaintance for “Othering” or for being “Reductive!”


Only drooling cretinous uptights would exploit someone’s excessive but innocuous enthusiasm and make a big stupid PC deal of it.

Yet the silly bint buckled and apologised soon afterwards…

Ya think that would slake the morons’ thirst for grievance?

Gotta be kidding, for there ensued conversations about diversity and inclusivity in the craft community…

What a sad world these people inhabit, a permanent whining hell, and it’s not just knit-wits. It’s the so-and-so community too!

A similar debate about cultural sensitivity and appropriation recently occurred in the sewing community.

Now, Ravelry has issued a stasi-style diktat to its thousands of members…


…that any word or knitted item capable of being interpreted as a sign of approval of Donald Trump is…