Romania Murder – We Know Whose Side Brussels Takes!

Horrific news story from Romania, where police failed to respond to a young girl’s repeated calls for help.


She was eventually found dead, and a man is in custody accused of ‘child-trafficking – what about kidnap and murder?.

OK, the police chief has quit, but what will happen to that person in custody, if he is convicted?

I would say that most Romanians are likely to agree with me, that the only suitable penalty in such a case is …


But that won’t happen, because in the heart of darkness, Brussels, there’s an edict promulgated by the EUSSR.


The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.

So no matter what the Romanian people think, no matter if their parliament voted to reflect the people’s will…


…the Brussels Empire has cast its mangy protective cloak over child-killers, terrorists and every form of scumbag, no matter how evil their crimes.