Macron’s Minions Ban The Star of David!

Appeasement of the undesirable banlieue aliens is nothing new in France, and governments of different political persuasions have behaved incredibly irresponsibly, wasting millions on the areas around

‘French’ Suburbs? C’mon, Let’s Get Real, Leftal! 

….and other big cities instead of sending in punitive expeditions to subdue the savages.


Banlieue burning

banlieue amok-runs went largely unpunished

But the latest action by Macron’s minions, a ban on Israeli fans carrying their country’s flag before and during an inter-city ‘international…’



…lest Islamist brutes react violently at the sight –

‘Police told the guests they were not permitted to fly Israeli flags downtown, citing safety concerns. There were reports that “politicized” fans with anti-Semitic views planned to “stage fights,” police said, explaining their decision.’

  – is a disgrace, and no less disgraceful after an outcry forced the craven curs to back down at the last minute.

Yes, a few fans had been attacked by ‘locals’ ( how ‘local?’) and of course there might be a risk of more jihadist ratbags running amok, but the answer to that eventuality is surely to give police officers the green light to open fire on any such sectarian trouble-makers who stepped out of line.




The location of the football match, Strasbourg, has seen vermin outbreaks before…

…so the cops should be well prepared preemptively to handle trouble.

I wouldn’t go along with one Jewish spokesman quoted, when he made some fatuous observations about the city, ‘that Strasbourg is a symbolic place since it hosts several important European institutions, including the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament.’


Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


He seems to have overlooked the reality that it is that ECHR has arrogantly prevented France rounding up illegal aliens…

Let illegalmigrants go free, EU court

…and that those MEPs – a majority of them- spend immense amounts of time, energy and money pandering to crimmigrants.

But the rest of what he says …

You have to be open and protect any flag [of any country] in the world, when you have a sports game in your city. If you don’t do it, it shows that you’re afraid… of Islamic radicalism.

…is admirable!