‘Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight!

If you have a lazy day today, and an urge to read a longer than usual post, pour yourself a coffee or a cool drink and get this!

While El Pais is a leftist newspaper, a sort of Spanish version of the UK Guardian…



…it does include facts in its reports, albeit in a weirdly half-hearted way, as with recent coverage of how crimmigrants of the ‘unaccompanied minor’ variety (i.e. bludger-brat louts) have blighted Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia.

We covered this blight before.

=Hasil gambar untuk barcelona tourist street vendors attack
 alien savages terrorise a Spanish city square!

… but it’s always useful to update readers on bad situations and how soft policies make them worse.


The report kicks off with a sweet vignette  – by describing a park, with… 

‘a group of young immigrants sitting on the grass…one of them sniffing glue from a bag.’

Lovely, yeah? We saw the same in Belgium a while ago…


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An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels

…and its a damned disgrace!

Parks are meant to be pleasant places for decent local people to enjoy and relax in.

Vagabond migrants should be hounded out by police and crammed into cells.

There’s about ‘another hundred or so’ wasters dossing down in the same park – El Pais could improve its reputation for accurate reporting by describing these layabouts as illegals…




….but prefers to blur the reality by saying they ‘ended up in Catalonia from North Africa!’

Ended up?

Like, uh, they were off to do a spot of shopping in the casbah in Tangier and turned the wrong corner?

Or, uh, they went fishing off the Libyan coast and got lost?



Gambar terkait

Filthy savage migrants amok after violating the Spanish border

These good-for-nothings violated Spain’s borders. They are law-breakers.

And there are a lot like them, as the Generalitat ( the regional authority) knows to its cost!).


Since 2015, a total of 7,248 unaccompanied adolescents have arrived in Catalonia – 1,129 this year until June …relevant agencies admit that they are overwhelmed by the problem.

The report doesn’t say how much tax-payers’ money  gets splurged on the 4203 of these ‘youngsters’ ‘under the Generalitat’s protection.’

 But what about the third of these illegals who have gone on the run and are still on the loose?


They survive by selling drugs, stealing cellphones or even prostituting themselves,” explains a priest who tries to help.

He also says they‘re ‘very aggressive!’

Under The Generalitat’s Protection?’

Sounds like it’s the locals who need ‘protection,’ not the crimmigrants, especially not that third who are “no longer under the care of the authorities, or have managed to evade the system. “

Like those in that park!

At this point you begin to wonder why these scumbags have not been corralled and deported.

What possible benefit accrues to Spaniards by suffering such undesirables to stay?


Aaah, but fear not!

The Generalitat has an ‘action plan!’ And a ‘team that will analyze the more complex cases one by one. ‘

A good sound thrashing, one by one, might be a better approach, but how many such thrashings would be required?

According to social services, there is “a small percentage” – they have not confirmed how many – “who are resistant to the system.” When they are taken into a shelter, they escape.

So why are armed guards not posted, or barbed wire fences erected, around those ‘shelters’ to prevent such ‘escapes?’


They should be designated detention centres and guarded effectively!

It’s the local population which needs to be ‘sheltered’ from the inmates’ criminality!

The bludger-brats’ uppity arrogance is downright offensive.

Near La Rambla in Barcelona, there is a building that has been taken over by migrants who are demanding their rights.

‘Taken over?’

Are the local cops out-numbered and out-gunned?

Why have the parasites not been dragged out and sorted out?


The authorities’ appeasement mind-set!

One pro-crimmigrant ‘NGO’ spokesman – apparently with a straight face – seems to think Spain needs to do more to appease the uppity illegals.

They have expectations when they migrate and, when they get here, it’s not what they expected.  That generates frustration and anger that needs to be managed.”




They need to be beaten till they bawl for mercy!

And THEN deported!

Instead, more money down the toilet!

Since June 2017, the regional government has created 3,000 places for such cases at 250 centers. But the experts say they need more resources.

It just gets sillier!

The regional police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, know that the young migrants are not responsible for the majority of the crimes that are committed in Barcelona.

Since the undesirable aliens number thousands and the local population comprises millions, that’s scarcely a stunning insight.

But even the El Pais hacks are obliged grudgingly to admit that their arrival could partly explain part of the uptick in crime that has been seen over the last year or so, which has coincided with the arrival of more youngsters (2018 saw an increase in crime of 17% in the city). 

Please note, the crimes committed by alien ‘youngsters’ include ‘violent thefts and robberies,’ as well as ‘vandalism or thefts’ –  incredibly, the cops seem almost to be making excuses for the vile ingrates’ thuggery.

“They work in groups. No one has shown them how to steal and they use violence.”

However, my comments above, about appeasement, are aimed at the in-crowd, not at the people of Barcelona, or Catalonia, or Spain in general.

Incensed by ‘thefts and even attempted rapes,’ decent Spaniards, ‘in some municipalities where there are children’s shelters,’ have had enough of the vermin, sorry, ‘children!’



Some honest folk, ‘encouraged,’ of course, by ever-so-naughty ‘far-right groups,’  have struck back against the ungrateful savages.

The hacks give one example of retribution, an ‘attempt to attack one such center in El Masnou, an incident that saw four youngsters left with injuries.

Well, BOO-bloody-HOO!