Kids Should Not Be Exposed To Disgusting Fanatics!


One of my favourites, an Aussie meat pie!


While I am second to none in my devotion to meat-eating, and in my abhorrence of anti-social vegans, whom I bracket with Climate Panickers like Gaga Greta.

== tiresome nagging nitwits, I have no hesitation in applauding the fines imposed on two ‘Londoners’

( are there any real Londoners left… We Opine That Dom Joly Is Ill-Educated…Or An Inverted Snob?…or have they all moved to Essex?)

‘for eating dead raw squirrels at a vegan event in London…’

Behave as badly as you will, under your own roof, but when your offensive behaviour is visible, or audible, to little kids – NOT ON!

Being disgusting in public,whether by devouring squirrels in the UK or by squawking obscenities like those ill-bred slags in America…


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Ashlyn Harris – Not Only Foul-Mouthed But Ugly Too! 


..deserves a serious slap-down.