UK AND OZ – Betrayed- Judge Protects ‘Anzac’ Beast!

Shame on The Dame!

Dame Victoria Sharp, that is, the UK judge whose diktat this week denies both Brits and Aussies the right to know the name of the beast.

She has imposed a media black-out, no name, no photographs, no nothing, on pain of harsh judicial penalties.



By the beast, I mean the sectarian swine who plotted to behead Melbourne cops on Anzac Day duty.

The High Court ruled identifying him was likely to cause him “serious harm…”.

The more harm done to the dirty traitorous devil the better, I’d say…

…and if you disagree, pray tell us why!


Bad enough the filthy jihadist pig can’t be consigned to an abattoir, instead of a mere life sentence – which is shown to be a lie, with Sharp already yapping about ‘rehabilitation!’

The pig will likely be trotting out in ten years time , give or take!

But that Sharp woman’s press censorship decree, aimed at protecting the pig from the righteous wrath of decent citizens, won’t have an expiry date like the fake ‘life’ term will.

The beast will be free, in due course, to roam amongst the unaware, his true name, and true, evil nature, ‘a secret for the rest of his life.’