Even Fair-Play Pinko Couldn’t Thwart Leipzig Left Censors!


So much for German art!

At least in Leipzig, where there’s an annual expo, which, in a vicious politically-motivated gesture, banned the work of Alex Krause.

Who’s he?


Axel Krause

A painter, whose artistic talents are a matter of opinion, as are all works of art, but whose opinions are out of step with the leftist bigots who run the exhibition.

Krause holds views unsympathetic to the importation into Germany by Mama Stasi Merkel of backward savages…



….so the expo ‘organizers decided to include and then ultimately exclude’ him!

He’s been witch-hunted before – last year Krause’s gallery in Leipzig, Galerie Kleindienst, dropped him from its roster because of his political views…


That ‘galerie’ is on Facebook and here’s their email address: kontact@galeriekleindienst.de – if you have time, tell them what you think of their censorship diktat!

This ‘string of decisions and reversals’ has shown tax-paying Germans how the ‘arts’ establishment, on whom so much public money is wasted…


…are in many cases intolerant enemies of free expression, not perhaps as dangerous to life and limb as other enemies of free expression, like the filthy savages who committed mass-murder at the Charlie Hebdo HQ…




…but morally no less repugnant.

However fairness demands that I applaud one prominent Socialist, Eva-Maria Stange, Saxony’s SPD ‘culture minister.’


Eva-Maria Stange

‘It is not acceptable to stigmatise and socially exclude people because of their political stance. [. . .] The AfD is a democratically elected party. I can fully understand that people don’t share its views and reject it for good reason, but we live in a democracy, and that compels us to confront different positions.’

Well said, Frau Stange.

If there were more lefty ladies, and gents, saying the same kind of thing, German democracy would be in much better shape.