Who Reviled Jews As ‘Pigs’ First? Ikhwan Or CNN’s Editor?

CNN is a nauseating channel, so bad that I avoid watching it in the morning, at least until I’ve had my quota of coffees.

So I prefer to keep an indirect eye on what they get up to, as with  last month’s shocker…



…which exposes the Nazi mentality of one of their stalwarts and inspired my headline. Check out the late fanatic Morsi’s similar call…

Ikhwan – Muslim Brotherhood

Ms Clinton with one deplorable she liked – MB’s Egyptian racist Morsi!

Apes and Pigs’ Morsi Presides Over Hell! 

..and ask yourselves, did the Egyptian bigot, an Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) notable, take his cue from the CNN bigot?

Then there’s this  excerpt from The Blaze, about a CNN hackette named Randi Kaye being bested by eight grand Texan gals, was fun to read!


The GOP gals called her out.

  • I’m a brown-skinned woman. I am a legal immigrant. I agree with [Trump].”
  • “He was saying that if they hate America so much because what we’re seeing out of them and hearing out of them — they hate America. If it’s so bad, there’s a lot of places they can go.”

”Whoever wrote these questions up is — it’s clear that they’re very manipulative to accuse instead of extracting the truth,” the woman said. “Because when you say, you know, ‘Don’t you think he’s racist?’ You’re accusing….”


“I’m asking; I’m not accusing,” Kaye shot back. “I’m asking you what you think.”

“It’s not relevant. It has nothing to do with the real issue,” the same woman responded.

“Why do you keep bringing it up?”




Some leftists still try to make out it’s a ‘news’ channel!

But here’s a quote from a liberal American whom I have criticised in the past – consider it and follow the link that confirms what discerning viewers already figured out!

But then, suddenly, I was banned from CNN. 

Over the past half year or so, I have never once been asked to appear on a CNN program. Initially I wondered why, and I asked some of my friends at the network. They were evasive and studiously avoided any direct answer to my question