You may well have read about that attractive young Swede, Amanda Hansson, who was told not to board a bus in Malmo, for wearing shorts and a cute top.

The loathesome driver, ignorant both of the bus company’s rules and of common civilty…m



…berated her for dressing ( in ultra-hot weather, remember) in a comfortable outfit which sounds, from the description, to have been most attractive.

What kind of man would behave so boorishly?

Unfortunately, although the story has appeared in many media, so far I’ve found no sign of investigative journalism.

The brute has been suspended but not identified and interrogated by any journalist – so how come the cover-up?


Cover-Up…unfortunate term in view of the detailed events


There are no doubt a few actual Swedish, and British, men who are sad misogynists, and get all uptight if a pretty gal dresses incool clothing like Amanda’s.


…we need to remember that much of Malmo has been colonised by primitives who think women should be shrouded and uglified.

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Female Swedes have suffered much worse treatment at the hands of alien savages than young Amanda did…

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….but one has to wonder.



Was this another example of uppity ingrate immigrants not knowing their place in a modern democratic country, and trying to lay down barbaric sexist rules learned back in the cess-pools whence they emerged?

The bus company reportedly claims that the moron ‘was not acting out of political or religious motives.’

Maybe not. But until he is exposed to proper public scrutiny, we don’t know for sure. What we do know is this –

Any such insolence should be met with a lot more than suspension and an order that the swine ‘receive further training in customer service.’