BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin!

BBC World News hit a new low on Sunday night, with one of their raddled blonde presenters getting on first-name terms with that revolting brute Begum.

A shooting range in Liverpool is offering customers an image of Shamima Begum as a target


Yes, when referring to that creature in the picture above, it’s ‘Shamima,’ not Begum the Bestial Bitch, not even just Begum, not even a formal Ms. Begum, but instead, ‘SHAMIMA,’ according to the creature in the picture below…



….whose name I didn’t catch, but whose readiness to behave in such a way so shocked me that I grabbed my Ipad to let readers see for themselves.

Although I’m pretty sure I have identified her, I am reluctant to do so here, as the BBC has an adequate sufficiency of raddled blonde jackesses and I don’t wish to be unfair, even to them.


When they next do a programme on serial killers, will she talk about ‘Charles’ rather than Manson, or ‘Myra’ rather than Hindley?

When they discuss tyrants like Hitler or Stalin, will Blondie talk about ‘Adolf’ and ‘Joe?’

How dare that Beeb-Bint be thus offensive?


bbc propag


The rest of the show was in a way quite enlightening, footage of vile bag-heads and evil brats, captured and detained in Northern Iraq, but still unrepentant, squalling ISIS filth about how they need to – ‘kill apostates…’

Various people appeared on our screen discussing what to do with such vermin.

What’s to talk about?

Execution for the adults – no sexism please, ISIS male or ISIS female – up against the wall…

. …and if jihadist offspring are young enough, they should be removed from any contact with the scum who bred them and poisoned their souls…


…and put in the custody and control of people who might be able to turn them back into human beings.