Canadians! Demand CPPIB Stand Up To Pinko Creeps!

If all goes well, and Trump is not obstructed in his declared intention to round-up lots and lots of crimmigrant parasites…

…then anyone with money invested in companies concerned with construction, maintenance or other aspects of detention centres for captured illegal aliens awaiting deportation should do well.

Yet we read that the ‘CPPIB, which manages C$392bn (US$299bn) in pension funds on behalf of 20 million Canadians,’ according to the Guardian…

…has not only failed to invest additional cash in these admirable enterprises but has actually ‘divested’ money had placed therein.

And there are indications that CPPIB did so at the behest of rabid leftist pressure groups, and, even more reprehensibly, tried to cover up this appeasement of pro-crimmigrant creeps like those pictured at a demo last year.

The extremist character of the awkward squad is confirmed by  a quote from one  lefty bint not bold enough to identify herself.
.”It’s disgusting to me that an organization that all Canadian citizens contribute to is invested in this ugly, deplorable practice of detaining immigrants in the U.S.,”

Hey, Ms. Dumbo Pinko, the parasites would not be detained if they stayed where they belong, in their own countries!

The pension management business ‘did not make a public statement ‘ when it knuckled under to the ranting left.

Okay, over to Canadians involved in any of those pension schemes!