• ross1948 20:57 on August 8, 2019 Permalink Reply
    Tags: ‘Slaughtering Deplorables’, Bad leftists hunting patriots, Blue State V Red State, new USA horror movie   

    New Horror Film, Pinko Creeps Hunt Patriots – Seriously!

    I was astounded to read that a new horror movie is coming out in the USA, with elitist stinko pinkos staging ‘human hunts.’



    The Hunt, it’s called, but the original name of the film was ‘Red State V Blue State,’ which might confuse Brit readers who associate blue with conservatism and red with, well, Reds!

    In America, it’s the other way about.

    The humans being hunted, of course, are apparently dressed in stetson hats and ‘cowboy’ shirts’ – not the rainbow cravats and violet velvet jumpsuits likely more to the taste….


    ….of the Democrat plutocrats!

    I was captivated by the phrase ‘slaughtering a dozen deplorables’ used in the report I link you to.



    Should some enterprising patriots now embark on a cinematic venture – an all-action movie about good citizens dis-infesting their country of open-borders agitprop rats…


    …tracking down and caging far-left freakos financed by dark forces, teaching lessons to lousy legislators who take the side of evil?


    Big question – who would we get to play Sauron Soros?

    soro evil

    It would, alas, have to be an American production.

    It’d never happen in the UK, because undoubtedly certain whining ratbags would be ‘offended…’


    Shrill Soubry Should Get Out Of The Kitchen!

    ….and go crying to the cops!

    • Rob Hill 22:51 on August 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Never be ‘astounded.’
      Nothing the left gets up to should shock us any longer.
      This film is billed as satire but its how they really look at us working plebs.
      Serfs and villeins, to be treated like dumb animals and if we bite back, then set the hounds on us, in this day and age the hounds being their media pack.


    • Andrea Allen 23:16 on August 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Sauron Soros!
      Rainbow cravats and violet velvet jumpsuits!
      I love it when you wax lyrical, Ross.
      Even so, this is a very serious situation and your lovely turn of phrase should make people think as well as smile.

      I too was astonished that they would reveal their fantasies so boldly – I’m sure they do dream of hunting us sll down, herding us over the White Cliffs of Dover, and other final solutions to the problem of patriotism.

      It’s a concern on both sides of the Atlantic.
      It was only this week that one of the most vicious extremists in the USA, so bad that even CNN stopped using him, declared for ‘eradication’ of one woman whose thoughts upset him.
      Not disciplinary action, nor dismissal, for Kelly-Anne Conway, but eradication.

      They have never been so frank about how much they hate, and it’s because they never believed Americans could recapture the White House, and never believed that the British people, enough of them, would vote for independence.
      The next few years are going to get bloody, you msrk my words.



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