Beware! The President Is No Friend To Democracy!

We read that Matteo Salvini, hero to millions of patriots all over Europe, and beyond…



….as well as head of the Lega – the party that’s sound on crimmigrants – is contemplating ending the coalition with the Five Star party.

The Five Stars are a wishy-washy bunch. One can appreciate how fed up Salvini must be.

But although I’m no expert on Italian constitutional law, it’s said that the withdrawal of the Lega would not automatically require new elections, which Salvini would surely win.

The alternative would be for that unspeakable leftist, Mattarella, the Italian President…


Gambar terkait

‘Europe is his absolute priority’

Viva Italia! Patriot Allies Face Down Europhiliac President! 

…to exercise his prerogative and just instal a ‘care-taker’ government of his pro-Brussels cronies, determined to undo all the good work Salvini has done, until the next fixed date election is due, several years from now!

The man has done his damnedest to thwart Salvini’s valiant efforts to stem lawless  maritime incursions – only this week he’s meddled to trim fines imposed on crimmigrant cargo crews –


– and any cabinet of his choosing would be a nightmare prospect.

Not good.