For God’s Sake, BBC! At Least Try SUBTLE Smear!

Just sat through the 10pm AND 11pm BBC news (Jakarta time) and on the subject of Epstein’s murder/suicide/mystery death in prison, references by the UK state broadcaster’s hacks were dramatically illustrated with old news-reel of the deceased with, guess who, Donald Trump.


Not a SINGLE mention of Bill Clinton’s name, despite so much attention paid in recent weeks and months to a most definite Clinton Connection.

Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times in Early ’90s




And how about this?


According to a report in NBC News,  #Clintonbodycount began to trend with just over 70,000 tweets out by August 8 afternoon. This also resulted in Twitter users criticizing the microblogging platform for including the hashtag on the sidebar. A Twitter spokesperson responded to the criticism and said, “Trends are determined by velocity, not volume.