Flying Cathay Pacific? Please Think Before You Book!

It has been widely reported that the airline Cathay Pacific is ‘considering’ a demand from Red China’s dictatorship to witch-hunt staff found to be active in the cause of Hong Kong freedom.

From the spokesperson of Cathay Pacific:

“We have received the directive and are studying it very carefully. We are treating it seriously and are following up accordingly.”

I wouldn’t choose to use Cathay Pacific after I read, in May this year, about their readiness to collaborate with the gaystapo agenda…

Cathay Pacific advert showing same-sex couple banned from Hong …South China Morning PostMay 19, 2019


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…but I know some readers do not always check whose side any given company has taken in the war on traditional values.


Please check the latest news updates on this airline’s behaviour –  if it appears that pro-democracy employees are being treated in any way you deem unacceptable, please think before you book!